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Sariel's directing career began whilst doing a theology degree at Edinburgh university. Setting up a theatre company which would take several productions to the Fringe. Since then he's been fortunate to work with some of Britain's best emerging and established comedy and music talent. 

An accomplished self-shooting PD he is just at home working agilely and independently with a variety of cameras as he his working on large sets for high end commercial work. 

Equally able to work with improvisation as well as off script the past few years have seen a growth in the breadth of work Sariel has been doing from documentary, to music video, to comedy, to food and there's more to come. 

When not directing he is either editing or writing, having completed one short he wrote and directed earlier this year: Nanny Buddha (which is currently doing the festival circuit), he is preproducing his second: Headlight and writing his third.

It has always been his belief that a strong ability to write and think about the edit in advance are essential skills to getting the best out of his crew or himself on set.


If you'd like to work together contact Sariel:

EMAIL sariel.heseltine@gmail.com

PHONE 07735482138