Sariel prodile.jpg
Apologies for the obligatory fun photo, but I’m more used to being behind the camera than having a decent portrait taken.

A little bit of background…

Sariel has always understood good storytelling as a way to understand our experience in the world and those of others. This led him to studying theology at Edinburgh where he set up a  theatre company that specialised in interpersonal drama. From there he took several plays to the fringe one of which he wrote and starred in, but hey maybe some things are better left in the past!

This background gave him a great experience in working with performances and the amateur and professional casts he has worked with have helped strengthen his ability to work with both real people and trained actors.

With a wide and far reaching range of interests and desire to tell stories emotively and visually, Sariel seeks to understand how our motives create a narrative for ourselves in the places and relationships we find ourselves in.

Having worked with some of the best emerging UK comedy talent and international music acts, being always on the lookout for a new story to tell and new ways to tell it, and writing and directing shorts in a variety of different genres including but not exclusively comedy, drama and sci-fi Sariel is a versatile and accomplished storyteller.