I'm a director,  film maker, and photographer.

People watching has always been a fascination, watching the way we interact with each other, the stories we tell about ourselves and about others and I'm fortunate that the work that I do has allowed me to do this looking through a lens. 

Comedy and documentary are two great genres for doing this, but not the only ones and whether its scripted, devised, or improvised; with actors, or real people any chance to look into how we see ourselves and the world around us is an opportunity and a reason why, I guess, that I'll do anything once. Recently, and perhaps unrelatedly I've started doing food in both film and photography and as the saying goes 'you either live to eat, or you eat to live', but either way you still need to eat and I've never met a person who doesn't have a favourite dish. 

In the past couple of years I've had the good luck to work with some of the best emerging talent in British comedy, and music - creating the pre-show content for Jack Whitehall's last tour and documenting Lianne La Havas performing in Moscow, meeting Prince and recording her latest album. 

And most recently the work I did on the Laphroaig #Opinionswelcome campaign was awarded a Gold PIAF at the Prague International Film Festival. 

Currently - well there's always stuff going on in the pipelines, most of which will never see the light of day - I'm working on a stage show about the Battle of Waterloo, "Napoleon, the Corsican who Nearly Saved Europe" and am in production for a trilogy of shorts I have written and will direct.